[Gambas-user] A couple of questions

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Wed Jun 4 06:36:54 CEST 2003

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 23:15, Ken Schrock wrote:
> Would you be interested in helping me write a unified docs for this?
> (so that the people the thing looks like it is designed for can use it)
> Most of the pieces seem to be lying around somewhere or other
> But it all needs some glue and a little polishing up here and there

Yeah, I'd been meaning to write a "Gambas for VB users" intro type of thing 
for a while but hadn't had time.  I had also been thinking of setting up a 
Gambas wiki (not to compete with theeasygambasdoku, but a set of pages anyone 
could edit with the goal of making a reference and tutorial that could be 
exported to HTML and distributed as an RPM to go with Gambas.)  What are your 
ideas?  I would say we could take it private except that there's no reason 
other people shouldn't get involved in documenting.

Hey, maybe it's time to write the Gambas Help Browser app in Gambas ;)  If we 
took the "help browser" route then eventually people would be able to 
contribute translations of our docs as well.  And currently F1 is unbound in 
the IDE ;)


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