[Gambas-user] A couple of questions

Rob sourceforge-raindog2 at ...94...
Wed Jun 4 04:13:04 CEST 2003

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 23:24, Ken Schrock wrote:
> Benoit Minisini wrote:
> >Le Mardi 3 Juin 2003 21:40, Rob a écrit :
> >>>How does the grid control work?
> >>>The component explorer shows how to extract a cell
> >>>But no way I can see to set a cell contents
> >>>(I can't even make it show the grid)
> >>
> >>I haven't used the grid control yet, but I'll try to make an example
> >>project this afternoon for you.  It seems to me you could also load up
> >> the Gambas Database Manager project and see how it's used there.  I
> >> suspect it's something like needing to dim a variable as a cell object,
> >> extract the cell to that object and using the cell's value (or
> >> something) property to get the contents of the cell.
> >
> >Be careful, The GridView control and the TableView (used in the gambas
> >database manager) are very different.
> >
> >The GridView control is a simple grid. To understand how to use it, the
> >quicker is to read the FProperty.class file in the IDE source.
> Ok, I keep falling into this trap
> I have Gambas from a binary package
> There is no source, no example.info or other things referred to
> repeatedly here
> Now I suppose I could get the whole source package, unpack, hunt, seek, etc
> Couldn't someone just pack up the relevant pieces on the web site?

Well, I can put them on mine anyway.  These are all from 0.57.

Example Gambas projects that should have come with Gambas:

Gambas source for Gambas IDE and DB manager:

Example of new Gambas component in C:

I'm surprised Lindows' Gambas package didn't at least come with the example 
projects since they're meant to be a newbie distro and newbies can always use 
example code.


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