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Tue Jun 3 22:45:43 CEST 2003

Le Mardi 3 Juin 2003 23:35, Ken Schrock a écrit :
> Can I "send" an event? (like Win PostMessage)
> i.e. Can I call Button1_Click() if I have no sub (code) for it?
> (more useful real things would be select something in a listbox
>  or perhaps drop down the list in a combo box programmatically)
> If so how? (It is often helpful to do this asynchronous)

You can raise a event from a class if you tell gambas that this class can 
raise events with the EVENT keyword.


EVENT MyEvent(MyParam AS String) AS Boolean ' event declaration


' Somewhere in a function
Result = MyEvent("Test")


DIM hTest AS MYClass

hTest = NEW MyClass AS "Test"


PUBLIC FUNCTION Test_MyEvent(sParam AS String) AS Boolean



> I see people ask for MDI things
> Why wouldn't the tabstrip work for this type of thing?
> Spreadsheets and browsers both use this paradigm now
> It seems neater and more organized than MDI

The TabStrip of QT are not practical when they have too many tabs, because you 
must to click many times on two little arrow buttons to access each tab. This 
is a complaint of Konqueror users since they can browse with tabs, and I 
think this widget will be rewritten under the users pressure.

Benoit Minisini
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