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Tue Jun 3 22:40:11 CEST 2003

Le Mardi 3 Juin 2003 21:40, Rob a écrit :
> > How does the grid control work?
> > The component explorer shows how to extract a cell
> > But no way I can see to set a cell contents
> > (I can't even make it show the grid)
> I haven't used the grid control yet, but I'll try to make an example
> project this afternoon for you.  It seems to me you could also load up the
> Gambas Database Manager project and see how it's used there.  I suspect
> it's something like needing to dim a variable as a cell object, extract the
> cell to that object and using the cell's value (or something) property to
> get the contents of the cell.

Be careful, The GridView control and the TableView (used in the gambas 
database manager) are very different.

The GridView control is a simple grid. To understand how to use it, the 
quicker is to read the FProperty.class file in the IDE source.

The TableView is a bit more complicated. It does not contain any data, it just 
raises a event each time it must get a data. Look in the g-d-m source !

> > I see people ask for MDI things
> > Why wouldn't the tabstrip work for this type of thing?
> > Spreadsheets and browsers both use this paradigm now
> > It seems neater and more organized than MDI
> The MDI discussion came up because some people wanted the VB5/VB6 MDI look
> for Gambas, and once the capability became available I demonstrated how
> such an IDE could be made easily.  I think a tabstrip is a different
> paradigm and not one that's well suited for an IDE (after all, you'd often
> want a form and its code onscreen at the same time.)  An MDI form with
> tabbed subforms in it, on the other hand, could work well.
> Rob

I'm not sure I will make a MDI interface for gambas. I would prefer a 
interface like Kate. It is like a MDI with all windows maximized.

But before doing anything, I will post examples so that people can tell what 
they prefer.

Benoit Minisini
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