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Benoît Minisini (@bminisini) gitlab at mg.gitlab.com
Mon Aug 8 14:32:36 CEST 2022

Benoît Minisini pushed to branch master at Gambas / gambas

c57ab3a2 by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-06T23:10:30+01:00
Add PainBrush.class to gb.web.gui
* NEW: PaintBrush.class for Colors,Images,Gradients
* NEW: implement LinearGradient as a trial run

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3b9c9adc by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-06T23:54:17+01:00
make New PaintBrush take arguments to create the brush imediately, add help
* NEW: PaintBrush(Type, Value) can create the brush instantly
* NEW: add inline wiki help

just a tweak or 2

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37901217 by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-07T09:29:32+01:00
web.gui, Add RadialGradient(), create a Paint folder for all Paint classes. add Color.ToJS()
* NEW: Paint.RadialGradient() Raidal (circular) gradients
* NEW: Color.ToJS(GBColor As Integer) As String. converts a gambas color integer into javascript code.
* OPT: create a Paint folder for all Paint related classes

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f1beb42f by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-07T09:52:30+01:00
Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas into web-gui-brush

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b308a78e by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-07T10:09:55+01:00
Fix typo Colour should be Color , remove old debug statement
* BUG: had typed Colour not Color (the curse of being English ;) )
* BUG: remove Debug Paint.Linewidth call as Linewidth is now ReadOnly

- - - - -
0d611f19 by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-08T10:20:54+01:00
Adjust WebPaint/Gradient methods.
* OPT: do not Export Gradient.class
* OPT: Remove Paint.Brush property and replace with Paint.SetBrush() and hidden paint._GetBrush() methods
* OPT: Rename Color.ToJS() to Color.ToHTML()
* OPT: Hide PaintBrush methods for internal use only with relevant methods.
* OPT: Check for String datatype when checking Style argument.
* NEW: default to use Brush if Style is ommited from Fill() Stroke() methods
* OPT: Replace the gw.gradient.getvar() method of lib.js with gw.paint.makeGradient()

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892d2a7a by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-08T10:38:21+01:00
Web Paint, handle colors in PaintBrush
* NEW: handle colors with PaintBrush.class

I do not think colors is needed in PaintBrush as can simply be the argument for Fill/Stroke. I added it as GUI Paint class does it a similar way.

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299f0b32 by Bruce Steers at 2022-08-08T12:17:46+01:00
Update Paint.ToHTML wiki help
* OPT: Explain in help that Color.ToHTML() will return text only useable with CSS style assignments if alpha is used.

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f350d817 by Benoît Minisini at 2022-08-08T12:32:33+00:00
Merge branch 'web-gui-brush' into 'master'

Add PaintBrush class with gradients to gb.web.gui

See merge request gambas/gambas!273
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8 changed files:

- comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Color.class
- + comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint/Gradient.class
- comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint.class → comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint/Paint.class
- + comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint/PaintBrush.class
- comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/PaintDriver.class → comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint/PaintDriver.class
- comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/PaintDriver_WebDrawingArea.class → comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Paint/PaintDriver_WebDrawingArea.class
- comp/src/gb.web.gui/.src/Test/FTestDrawingArea.class
- comp/src/gb.web.gui/lib.js

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