[Gambas-Notification] [Git][gambas/gambas][master] 2 commits: Namespace support continued.

Benoît Minisini (@bminisini) gitlab at mg.gitlab.com
Fri May 21 16:58:13 CEST 2021

Benoît Minisini pushed to branch master at Gambas / gambas

3c64df79 by gambas at 2021-05-21T16:48:59+02:00
Namespace support continued.

* NEW: Add the '-n' option that defines a default namespace for exported classes.
* BUG: The generation of '.info' file now uses the exported name of classes.
* NEW: 'EXPORT TO <Namespace>' exports the class as '<NameSpace>:<class name>'.
* NEW: 'EXPORT TO DEFAULT' now exports to the global namespace.

- - - - -
b9c006ec by gambas at 2021-05-21T16:53:47+02:00
Namespace support continued.

* NEW: Update French translation.
* NEW: Support of new EXPORT syntaxes.
* NEW: When reading '.info' files, automatically replace local class names by exported names in signature.
* NEW: Project property dialog: add an option to define the project default namespace.
* NEW: Project property dialog: component requirements and exclusions are now displayed in two different columns.

- - - - -

17 changed files:

- app/src/gambas3/.lang/fr.po
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Component/CClassInfo.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Component/CComponent.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Component/CDocumentation.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Component/CSymbolInfo.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Editor/Code/FEditor.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Project.module
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Project/CProjectTree.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Project/FProjectProperty.class
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Project/FProjectProperty.form
- app/src/gambas3/.src/Project/Library/CLibraryInfo.class
- − app/src/gambas3/img/32/compressed.png
- main/gbc/gbc.c
- main/gbc/gbc_compile.c
- main/gbc/gbc_compile.h
- main/gbc/gbc_dump.c
- main/gbc/gbc_header.c

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