[Gambas-devel] [Gambas-user] Expander on FPatch in the IDE

Tobias Boege tobias at ...692...
Sun Jan 27 17:50:33 CET 2013

On Sun, 27 Jan 2013, Beno?t Minisini wrote:
> The SidePanel crash should be fixed in the last revision. Anyway, you 
> don't use it correctly (the layout of the other dialog controls must 
> expand when the SidePanel is hidden), and the FPatch dialog design 
> should be fixed (too small buttons, the dialog is not modal...)
> I have fixed a few things in the FMakePatch wizard design too (removing 
> as much borders as possible).

The collapse thing works now: all other controls are enlarged. But the
Editor isn't resized anymore with the window. I couldn't figure out a way to
have both features...

> I noticed that you used an hack to select the "old" project: you took a 
> DirChooser, and checked that a file has been selected inside the 
> DirChooser to decide if the user want to generate a patch from a project 
> archive or a project directory.
> I'm not sure this is a good idea, and I think that a more explicit 
> interface would be better (even if a bit stupid).
> I mean: let the user explicitely decide if he wants to start with an 
> archive or a project directory, and then let it use a FileChooser in the 
> first case, and a DirChooser in the other case.
> As for selecting a project directory (second case), there is the code 
> located in the FOpenProject dialog, but it must be factorized in some 
> sort of "ProjectChooser" control. I will try to do it so that you can 
> use it.

OK. But I have no idea how to design the explicit decision aesthetically.
I can't just throw two RadioButtons to the top of the Form, right?

> There are other things to fix in the dialog: some message are not 
> translated ; if you select nothing in the wizard second step, you get a 
> strange error instead of just a warning telling you that you must select 
> something.

They are warnings now. I found one string and marked it translatable.

What do you say about the /tmp/gambas-patch-ignore file (Patch.class)?
Better than having a dozen "-x ..." in the patch file, I think.


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