[Gambas-devel] Now using Using Gambas2-1.9.21

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Mon Oct 31 10:58:58 CET 2005

On Sunday 30 October 2005 18:44, Charlie Reinl wrote:
> Salut Benoit,
> after a su -c 'make uninstall' in gambas2-1.9.20
> I made a tar xvjf gambas2-1.9.21.tar.bz2 , moved int gambas2-1.9.21
> and made  ./configure , then make and at last su -c 'make install'
> I attachted you the 3 log files and a file showing my box.
> Here what I found:
> - User.Name don't work in project (on consol return the users name) see
>   attachted User.Name.png

OK. I understand the bug now. It's my fault: there is a class named User in gb 
*and* in gb.db, which creates a clash.

> - Text underlaying on Breakpoints and Debug-Cursor are only visible if 'Use
> 	 relief' is used. Without 'Use relief' the underlaying text on the
> 	Debug-Cursor is visible only once, while
> 	entering into a new Function/Sub etc.

Indeed. This is fixed in the new Editor control, that will replace the current 
GambasEditor control sometime. Please use relief until I fix it or I use 
Editor effectively.

> - the cursor in the IDE consol is not on his right place.
> 	Type ABCDEFG and you see that the cursor is between F and G

Do you have a screenshot? I never noticed that. Can you explain me what you do 

> - Tip of the day don't find his text.

Do you have a screenshot?


Benoit Minisini

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