[Gambas-devel] Now using Using Gambas2-1.9.21

Charlie Reinl na2492 at ...16...
Sun Oct 30 20:39:31 CET 2005

>Here the "User" class works OK (Debian Sarge/Linex)... no matter if 
>you use Gambas without gb.qt or with it... 
>Did you used ./configure with the same flags as previous versions? 
>Specially the --prefix option. Try also to remove all the .info files 
>and regenerate them with gbi2 
>D. Campos 
Salut Daniel, 
see the attached project, if I add gb.db I see after User. only ID and 
Without gb.de I see also Name. 
The pb in the IDE-console rests, also the pb with Tip of the day, and the 
Debug and Breakpoit problem. 
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