[Gambas-devel] Now using Using Gambas2-1.9.21

Charlie Reinl na2492 at ...16...
Sun Oct 30 20:20:26 CET 2005

>Here the "User" class works OK (Debian Sarge/Linex)... no matter if 
>you use Gambas without gb.qt or with it... 
like I said, it works on IDE-console, but not in a project. 
>Did you used ./configure with the same flags as previous versions? 
No, with 1.9.20 I used -C and disabled the components  
>Specially the --prefix option. Try also to remove all the .info files 
>and regenerate them with gbi2 
I,ll try that 
Thx Charlie 
>D. Campos 
>2005/10/30, Charlie Reinl <Karl.Reinl at ...16...>: 
>> Salut Benoit, 
>> after a su -c 'make uninstall' in gambas2-1.9.20 
>> I made a tar xvjf gambas2-1.9.21.tar.bz2 , moved int gambas2-1.9.21 
>> and made  ./configure , then make and at last su -c 'make install' 
>> I attachted you the 3 log files and a file showing my box. 
>> Here what I found: 
>> - User.Name don't work in project (on consol return the users name) see 

>>   attachted User.Name.png 
>> - Text underlaying on Breakpoints and Debug-Cursor are only visible if 
>>          relief' is used. Without 'Use relief' the underlaying text on 
>>         Debug-Cursor is visible only once, while 
>>         entering into a new Function/Sub etc. 
>> - the cursor in the IDE consol is not on his right place. 
>>         Type ABCDEFG and you see that the cursor is between F and G 
>> - Tip of the day don't find his text. 
>> Amicalment 
>> Charlie 
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