[Gambas-devel] Using Gambas2-1.9.20 (4)

Charlie Reinl Karl.Reinl at ...16...
Sun Oct 23 23:06:43 CEST 2005


I found the pb on my box , about the container and splitters. Old gambas2 libs 
in /usr/local/lib/gambas2 (I think it was the gambas2-1.9.5) after make an 
'make uninstall' in all older gambas2 installations, TabStrip and containers 
are OK.

Also the cursor in the IDE-consol works right.

XML isn't tested, but don't send no more Warnings.

I still have pb with :

- User.Name 

- The debug-Cursor shows the text behind only in the first line when you first
  enter into a procedure/sub/function,  after that you have only a colored

- Breakpoints hide also the text under.

- and a new one see attached screen ? Any idea, What else must be destroit, 
for makeing gambas2 working well ?

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