[Gambas-devel] makefile !!!

PV oreip at ...1...
Sat Oct 8 12:44:48 CEST 2005

Hi Daniel.

On 08/10/2005 00:36, Daniel wrote:

> the new code in attachement with the modifications you want

Hmm... the code didn't compile.
In main.cpp the following lines

catch (IBPP::Exception& e){

cause a compilation error.
I don't know whether it's a IBPP version problem (I am using 2.3.5) but I don't
see any "what" method in IBPP::Exception class in ibpp.h or in other places.

Anyway, I changed all occurrences of e.what() into e.ErrorMessage() (don't know 
if that's correct, I'm not into ibpp programming...) and at least the compiler 
stopped complaining. :)

After installation however, I realized that signal #6 is back, so it seems that
exceptions have gone one more time, unlike the previous version which had
exceptions working.
I tried to change the -fno-exceptions flag into -fexceptions but nothing changed.

Could you please double check the code and makefiles?


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