[Gambas-devel] makefile !!!

Daniel daniel at ...318...
Fri Oct 7 23:14:13 CEST 2005

PV wrote:

> On 07/10/2005 16:35, Daniel wrote:
>> sorry
>> but the ibpp library (firebird) use exceptions, that made 3 weeks i 
>> break the head "why I cannot catch exception any more"
>> thank you
> Aha! Now we're finally talking! :)
> I banged my head for some days to try to find out what was wrong, the 
> reason why I kept receiving the dreaded signal #6 from Gambas!
> I finally found that it was a connection problem on the port used by 
> firebird, but it took a while because I didn't get any useful feedback 
> from the component.
> However, please note that I just recreated the same situation (hence 
> the same connection problem) but the firebird component returned with 
> a user/password failure, so it wouldn't have been of great help even 
> if the component and exceptions worked from the very beginning.
> If I can give a suggestion, try to make the component issue more 
> significant error messages, in order to better identify possible 
> problems.
> Thanks anyway for your good and useful work!
> Ciao,
> Piero
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ok, I note your suggestion
can you explain the situation which causes this error?  or to give 
detailles please


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