[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2728: Gambas Button: No Background and Border Control with QT5

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Wed Mar 22 14:37:15 CET 2023


Comment #1 by Bruce STEERS:

1. yep this seems to be the case, Background property does not work very well with all qt themes.

2. That is expected. setting a buttons border to false does not render the button just the text
(and it should render the background but it seems broken with qt5)

Difference here between gtk and qt is a gtk borderless button will render the button when hovered. some qt themes do not, i found qt renders the button when pressed just not when hovered.
Note Claus the different qt themes effect this.
For example Plastique theme renders the correct background color when the button is pressed. others do not.
Breeze theme renders a border around the button when hovered, others do not.

3.  that is due to a change in the interpreter in version 3.18, the programs must be recompiled.
(press "compile all" button in the IDE or delete the projects .gambas folder then compile)
the binaries have a difference that will cause errors if you try to run something compiled with 3.18 on 3.17 and vice versa.

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