[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2712: Top level menu icons not showing in form menu editor

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Sat Mar 4 12:28:33 CET 2023


Comment #3 by Bruce STEERS:

hmm, glossed over more like ;)

qt does support top level menus, it does it pretty badly but it will use them.

Maybe you should disable the picture selection for top level menus instead of just hiding the layout error? as the top level images are not very usable anyway.

Fyi , this was my personal finding...

gtk , top level menu pictures NEVER show. may as well disable being able to set one.

qt , if i use a top level menu picture then the application does not show the text just the picture. until I click it then the image gets overlayed badly with the menu text until the menu operation if over then it goes back to just an image.  I tried setting different options in qt5ct for displaying menu images/text but nothing made a difference.

so gtk, no top level images.
qt, yes to top level images but it's ugly/buggy.

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