[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2755: gb-web-ui application session timeout bug

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Sat Jun 17 21:34:21 CEST 2023


Comment #6 by Olivier CRUILLES:

Ok sorry, I think there is a misunderstood.

After opened this ticket I have searched if I could find something to describe better the issue.
So I have changed few lines of code and quickly I faced a bug crashing my web project.

After long time I found that the '&=' symbol used as 'a = a & b', sometime crashed Gambas and did like a reset of the web project.

Next I have replace few '&=' by the standard form ('a = a & b') and the project was fixed.

Just after this time you have pushed a new commit with the fix of '&=' bug, so that's why I told that.

Now my issue still there, how can I keep a session UP (I mean the Gambas part of a web project) for a defined time, for example if the user i just monitoring a jog running in the web interface without interaction by himself (like move the mouse or use the keyboard).

A concrete example is: I start the project --> the login page is displayer in my browser --> I enter the credentials --> it switch to another page like a 'MENU' ---> I select one entry in the MENU ---> I switch to another page --> I start a long backup job in the background (through a TASK object) and display in real time all the informations of the backup into the web page ==> but after a sort time (1 or 2 min, difficult to determine), if I interact with the web page, the page do a reset and I back to the login page.

I hope it will help to understand the issue.


Olivier CRUILLES changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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