[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2626: DataBrowser bug

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Mon Sep 19 16:41:58 CEST 2022


Comment #3 by Gianluigi GRADASCHI:

False alarm I thought that the non-working of this code might be due to the string conversion, but it is not:

( of course I added a Private $aValue As New Variant[] )

Public Sub DataSource1_BeforeSave(Data As Result)

  If Not DataControl2.Value Then 
    Stop Event 
  If Not DataControl1.Value Then Stop Event
  Inc $iCounter
  DataControl1.Value = $aValue[0]
  DataControl2.Value = $aValue[1]
  If $iCounter > 1 Then 
    Stop Event 
    $iCounter = 0
    $aValue.Delete(0, -1)


No way, even so it selects the changed line :-/

P.S. Benoit, I wanted to apologize for the heaviness of the project, if you want you can delete it, and I will insert the link or make it lighter.

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