[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2540: Gambas does not seem to be writing to same shared memory as local processes

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Wed May 4 16:27:04 CEST 2022


Comment #3 by Brian G:

Looking at your code, Here is a possibly better way to look at it

 Public shmaddr2 as pointer = 0
 Public TheLogger as logger
 Public Sub Form_Open()module...
	  Dim uidptr As Pointer
          Dim protection As Integer
          Dim visibility As Integer
          Dim buf1 As String
          Dim shm_size As Integer = 1048576
          Dim shm_fd As Integer
          Dim shm_addr As Pointer
          Dim shm_id As String = "/SHM_SEG"
          Dim vptr As Pointer = Null
          Dim mmap_err As Long
          protection = 3 ' PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE  MAP_FIXED = 16
          visibility = 2 ' MAP_SHARED(4) MAP_PRIVATE(2)
          shm_fd = shm_open(shm_id, 2, 666) ' 2=read/write
          If shm_fd == -1 Then
            Message.Info("shm_open() failed!", " OK ")
          ' map shared Memory To process address space
          shm_addr = mmap(0, shm_size, protection, visibility, shm_fd, 0)
          mmap_err = shm_addr ' convert the pointer to a long
          If mmap_err < 1 Then
            Message.Info("mmap() failed!", " OK ")
          shmaddr2 = shm_addr
          '************ start the logger task ****************
          TheLogger = new Logger
          wait 0.001
          ' do what ever else
create a class of logger in your project

inherits task

    while true
       select case  string@(shmaddr2)
       case "Q"
             quit 0
       case "what ever"
       end select

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