[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2668: Overwrite button in File Saving Dialogue is empty

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Wed Dec 28 18:53:14 CET 2022


Comment #2 by Claus DIETRICH:

Of course. I should have provided the demo app without being asked - sorry.
I actually wanted to prepare it but forgot it over the busy Christmas days.

How to use the demo app:
Start it and click on Save Text - button and save the text in a file in your home directory.
Then repeat the saving dialog and save the text under the same file name. This will
provide you with an additional "override" dialog where the "override" button is empty -
at least on my platform.

Hope that it helps and that you can fix it.

Best Regards


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Claus DIETRICH changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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