[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2212: No ctrl-c and ctrl-v (copy/ paste) since V3.16.0

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Mon Sep 20 17:00:24 CEST 2021


Comment #22 by Claus DIETRICH:

I am pretty sure now, that the clipboard management for bitmaps in the IDE is causing this bug.

The following was 100% reproducible on the troubled project with only 2 png bitmaps opened in an editor-tab plus FMain.form and FMain.class (so only 4 tabs in total):

After I opened the project and entered the FMain.class as first step, the short-keys didn't work. After that, I clicked on a tab containing a png bitmap, clicked on the "Clipboard"-tab at the right side of the IDE and to my surprise found a bitmap added to the clipboard (!!??).

When I opened the project and clicked on one of the two png-tabs as first, the Clipboard-tab showed that it was empty (green icon). After that I jumped into the FMain.class for testing the short-keys and found that they work.

This explains the weird observations and means on first sight:
After opening a project, where also png bitmaps are opened in a tab, a ctrl-c and ctrl-v in any other tab adds one of the PNG bitmaps into the clipboard (instead of the text!!!). This explains why nothing happens, when trying to paste the clipboard into a tab containing code lines.

As clicking on one of the PNG-tabs (right after project loading) solves the problem, it seems that the clipboard management of the IDE is incorrectly initialised when PNGs are opened in tabs at project loading.

I guess, that this happens in a combination of a global keyboard hook and some kind of "initially marked" bitmap and where the marking of text is not properly detected in the initial stage of a loaded project like this.


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