[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2364: Missing Filter Index Property in the SaveFile Dialog

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Wed Oct 13 00:22:19 CEST 2021


Comment #4 by Benoît MINISINI:

Each time someone makes a commit, GitLab recompiles Gambas against fifteen different distributions.

Sometimes one (or many) of these compilations fails. Sometimes it's Gambas' fault, and often it's the distribution's (a package update) or GitLab's (their docker crashed) fault.

For that specific pipeline, you can look at GitLab, and see that it's OpenSuSE that failed, because, apparently it couldn't download a package successfully.

If the code is bad, usually all compilations will fail.

You must look at the state of the very last commit : it's OK, so normally compilation will be fine.

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