[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2144: Picture displayed at wrong Position/ outside of its Container

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Tue May 18 19:33:02 CEST 2021


Comment #13 by Claus DIETRICH:

Any progress in this area? I have a new observation which may partially relate to this.

I prepared a small demo app and screen video (both attached hereto).

The app is fitted with 2 buttons. Each of them opens a separate form and positions it relative to the position of Fmain. The upper one opens Form1 and positions it with code, which is located in FMain. The lower Button opens Form2 and positions it with code, which is located in Form2. According to the code, both forms should appear at the same position, but this is not the case.

Now if you move FMain and click again on the buttons, the relative positioning of Form1 and Form2 even differs. This occurs on all desktops, Mint versions  and versions of Gambas (3.15.2 and 3.16.0).

Hope that this bug(?) can be sorted out soon because I now have 2 apps where I stopped the development because of this random y-positiong.


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