[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2194: Compilation from IDE does not work anymore

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Wed May 12 03:34:36 CEST 2021


Comment #12 by Olivier CRUILLES:

I think I found the issue.
I have ran my project over Gambas3 IDE running into Gambas3 IDE.
I have added some debug text and got the command executed to compile from the IDE

It seems that the options '-p' is passed to the 'gbc3' command but does not exist in fact, so error and crash.


This is the command executed by the IDE to compile:

[linus at linusky ~]$ /usr/bin/gbc3 -e -g -t -p -m -j1 -w -fcheck-prefix '/local/Gambas-3/gbNetworkGUItest'
/usr/bin/gbc3: invalid option -- 'p'

Compile Gambas projects into architecture-independent bytecode.

Usage: gbc3 [options] [<project directory>]

  -a  --all                  compile all
  -e  --translate-errors     display translatable error messages
  -g  --debug                add debugging information
  -h  --help                 display this help
  -j  --jobs <count>         number of background jobs (default: 8)
  -L  --license              display license
  -r  --root <directory>     gives the gambas installation directory
  -s  --swap                 swap endianness
  -t  --translate            output translation files and compile them if needed
  -v  --verbose              verbose output
  -V  --version              display version
  -w  --warnings             display warnings
  -x  --exec                 executable mode (define the 'Exec' preprocessor constant and remove assertions)

Compiler flags:
  -f check-prefix            check the prefix of variables if warnings are enable
  -f public-module           module symbols are public by default
  -f public-control          form controls are public

[linus at linusky ~]$ gbc3 -V
3.16.90 184e21e58 (master)
[linus at linusky ~]$ gbx3 -V
3.16.90 184e21e58 (master)
[linus at linusky ~]$ gbr3 -V
3.16.90 184e21e58 (master)

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