[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2261: EXTERN function call does not work with Struct ?

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Mon Jun 14 21:44:33 CEST 2021


Comment #1 by Brian G:

Here is an example of how to define the extern calls to use structures, and pointers

Public Struct newit
  x[20] As Byte
End Struct

Public Struct byeit
  c As Integer
  b As Float
  e[20] As Struct Newit 
End Struct

Public Struct Hello
  b As Integer
  c As Integer
  d As Long
  e As Float
  f As Struct Byeit
  g[20] As Struct Byeit
End Struct

' We will use memcpy for two purposes , get the real address of the data, actually copy the data
' The structure must be defined before we define our externals

Extern memcpy(dest As Hello, src As Hello, len As Integer) As Pointer In "libc:6"
Extern Arraymemcpy(dest As Pointer, src As Pointer, len As Integer) As Pointer In "libc:6" Exec "memcpy"

Gambas does convert to pointers but the parameter type must be defined correctly.

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