[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2255: Gambas3 Structs Array still confused with EXTERN call

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Mon Jun 14 02:06:22 CEST 2021


Comment #6 by John ANDERSON:

If I put this on mailing list, somebody will tell me to put it on bug tracker anyway...

The bug still exists...the popup is still telling me that Copy is a choice on MyBigArray

Well, I'm going to have to call EXTERN calls like this, no choice.  I need a flat, continuous binary array on Gambas side, without Gambas objects getting in way.

So this EXTERN call has to work, somehow.  This is an example, it is not always memmove - it will be our C code that needs access to a continuous, binary array of structs, and it may modify one struct from the array and send it back.  Everything memmove does.

I did everything here like Wiki tells me how.  And all that happens is it tells it was expecting pointer, not Mystruct.  But wiki says if I define a struct and just send struct in function call, that should work "use ABC" in function call.  

The same thing will happen if I call memmove with MyBigArray[5], MyBigArray or (VarPtr(MyBigArray) + 5*Structlen)

Let me know what I did wrong, I tried to follow wiki and try variants I could think of.


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