[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2217: Open Dialog raises "silent" Errors which don't interrupt the Application

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Mon Jun 7 16:04:39 CEST 2021


Comment #3 by Claus DIETRICH:

Hi Benoit

Problem #1:

I am assuming that we mutually misunderstood each other. Please be so kind and review the following facts after the open-dialogue:
- the error.code is > 0 (in my case 6)
- the error.text says something like "Type mismatch: wanted Integer, got Null instead"
- the error if False
So, what if somebody checks the error code after an open dialogue? Here an example:

  If Dialog.OpenFile() Then
    Print "cancelled"
    Try Something = Something
    if Error.code > 0 then
      Print "Error " & Error.code & " occured!"
    end if
    Print "Dialog-Path: "; Dialog.Path
    Print "Error: "; Error.Code

This will always result in an error, which has nothing to do with the Try .

Problem #2:

The bug report was rejected without a comment to problem #2.

Hope that you can take some time to review it again and I have to apologize if my report was misleading.

With best regards

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