[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2301: IDE preferences, editor font is a total mess

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Mon Jul 12 21:14:25 CEST 2021


Comment #5 by Bruce BRUEN:

No. That was just coincidence. The big spaces appear anywhere instead of a single space or tab and not consistently. Another example is that I heavily rely on "assembler style" commenting in my code starting at column 67 :
    Dim aList as new String[]                                          '' Holds the list of things
When this happens any number of those spaces could be any width, wider or narrower, than the fixed font that I am theortically using. 

Another finding though. Today, after the ppa update if I close all files in the IDE, then open one and if it is wonky, just click the reload tool button. Voila! It is back in the correct font and no odd spaces... so far.

Anyway. I am going to close this as I am totally unimpressed with Mint in other ways as well and will start migrating to another distro. Pity I spent an entire month migrating our 8 servers to the damned thing. :-(

Sorry for the waste of time.

Bruce BRUEN changed the state of the bug to: Abandoned.

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